Ecothermis addresses the decarbonization of the built environment as the area where most efforts need to be done in our cities to ultimately reach carbon neutrality. Without a revolution in the way we heat and cool our buildings, it won’t be possible to reach our climate objectives. Ecothermis focuses its efforts on the SMEs placing them at the centre of its concerns and giving them support towards a decarbonization path of their heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

In 2018, 60% of Belgians used fuel oil or gas boilers of the older generation for their heating. In the Brussels Capital Region, 16% of installations still operate on fuel oil, while the installation of these boilers should be phased out in the Region as from 2025.

In order to support and accelerate this drastic change in the way we heat our spaces, Ecothermis offers SMEs and service sector entities a low carbon heating-as-a-service solution for heating, cooling or hot water with an horizon of carbon neutrality, including technical advice, financial solution, installation and maintenance for a period of 5 to 10 years.